Minecraft on Windows

Hi everyone, welcome to the blog I made to show you how to get minecraft for free on mac and windows operating systems.
First of all go on and download the file from here here.
If you use windows which is probably the reason you read this page and not the one for mac users{if you are a mac user go HERE} you will need WINRAR to extract the zip file.
Then when you will extract the file you will get a folder which will include the minecraft crack for windows/mac. Run the setup.exe file and when you have minecraft installed just open it from the desktop shortcut which will be created.
Then select the version you want for the minecraft game to be {1.6.2, 1.6.1, 1.5.2 and all the versions which exist until now}.
For the final step select the username you want to use and click play, it will say that the game is updating and then you will go in the minecraft menu page {Single Player, Multiplayer}
That's it, enjoy minecraft for FREE!